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We are glad to welcome you at a site of our company!

     In 2022 we celebrate 30. We are at the same age as market and democratic reforms in Russia - the starting period of modern history of our country. In this tumultuous time of hope it was began a creation of our company. Today, this development is dynamic as in the early years.

     At the heart of sustainable development based on the principles that have defined the face of the company for many years which were and are the unshakable foundation of our development:

 - Honesty;

 - Social orientation;

 - Offer of high quality goods only.

     We are proud to offer our customers gift sets under the brand name "Liss Kroully", which won its rightful place in the domestic perfumery and cosmetic market. In a segment of "mass-market" and "low budget" own high-tech production complements this offer by the efficient and modern range of perfume cosmetics and hygiene products.

     Inspiration when creating new products we get from the nature, using for recipes of 100% natural essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances, introducing organic plant extracts and organic base oils to formulations, considering  the use of surfactants of vegetable origin instead of SLES and SLS, refusing from parabens - harmful preservatives, using all the goodness of


And all this for You our exacting and friendly,

constantly searching

and therefore so close to us our buyer!